either art or erotica.

It’s hard to tell you what I do is an online exhibition by  JAO for people who are curious about his work. He started his journey of photography in 2016, focus on photos and videos. 

The work collects the photos that was taken from the boys in 2016,
this series wins the PX3 Honorable Mention in 2017.

"nothing that is expressed is obscene.
what is obscene is what is hidden."

- Nagisa Oshima

JAO has come to realize that society has a skewered perception of pornography, one that is often associated with inferior people’s mindset and prevents them from being creative with pornography. 
Yet, sex is elegant, beautiful and imaginative regardless of whether it’s viewed through the lens of art or erotica. JAO intends to craft images through which he’s enabled to interpret pornographic ideas and to explain his thoughts on the value of sex.

JAOfilm is the series of videos made by JAO,
all films are available for purchase.

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NO DOUBT is JAO's very first photobook in 2020. JAO has been producing erotic contents for years. He even got reported many times by social medias and local goverment because of the nudity contents.
NO DOUBT is a book that responds to all of the suspicions from inside and outside. This book is the top 5 of 2020 on books.com.tw which is the biggest online book store in Taiwan.

Sharp Point Publishing
Size: 18 x 27 cm.Printed in Taiwan.

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